Montreal walleye fishing

Montreal is home to some excellent walleye fishing, despite being one of the more popular species of game fish being harvested, due to its good taste and texture. With a slot size in effect to manage population growth while helping to maintain a trophy fishery, number of over sized walleye can be caught any given time from spring to fall. Montreal, also has a decent sauger population, which is a close relative to the walleye, although they donít grow as big, and are typically found in deeper water than walleye.

Like bass and pike, walleye can be fished using a variety of techniques. Most popular for walleye fishing are drift fishing, vertical jigging, and trolling. More than with other species of game fish, electronics are crucial, as well as being able to properly control your boat for the technique being used, depending on wind speed and direction.

Popular walleye fishing lures include diving crankbaits, and jerkbaits. Drop shot rigs and jigs tipped with plastic or rubber grubs, worms or minnow imitations can be vertically jigged, or drifted over schooling walleye. Live bait such as worms and leeches are popular as well, and can be trolled on worm harnesses.

While most walleye caught around Montreal donít exceed 5 lbs, experienced walleye angler routinely catch bigger ones up to about 8 or 9 lbs around Montreal.

Walleye has been one of the most targeted species by ice fishermen around Montreal over the years. With our generous rules allowing for 10 lines per angler, and the use of live minnows, ice anglers of yesteryear put a bit of a dent in the walleye population.

With the new province wide ban on live bait during winter, it will be interesting to see how they adapt their walleye fishing techniques.

Walleye fishing season around Montreal opens mid May after the spawn, and remains open throughout the winter until April 1st.

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