Montreal trout fishing

Unfortunately, the immediate waterways around Montreal contain almost no trout at all. Though the government trout stocking program for zone 8 stopped in 1999, there are still some small numbers of good sized brown trout in some of the stronger current areas of the St Lawrence River South West of Montreal, as well as some big rainbow trout.

The good news is, that trout are plentiful in many of the regions surrounding Montreal, most within 1.5 to 3 hours drive. The Laurentian and Lanaudiere regions have many lakes run by outfitters that stock rainbow and speckled trout. Lakes a bit further away in the Eastern townships and Outaoauis regions, good populations of native lake trout, as well as native speckled trout, and stocked rainbow and brown trout are accessible by boat.

The trout in most lakes are fished by either trolling combination of spoons and worms or streamers, or by vertical jigging with jig heads or drop shot rigs.

For those willing to cross the border into New York or Vermont where the government stocking programs are more generous, many of Lake Champlainís tributary rivers or very well stocked, and offer some good fly fishing as well as spin casting opportunities for brown trout, rainbow trout, speckled trout, and landlocked salmon.

Finally, both the New York and Vermont sides of Lake Champlain offer some very good fishing for those trout species, as well as lake trout and landlocked salmon. Trolling crankbaits, spoons and streamers work very well after ice out, and as the water warms up, the use of a downrigger or dipsy divers becomes necessary. Vertical jigging can be productive as long as the lake is calm enough.

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