Montreal sturgeon fishing

The St Lawrence River around Montreal is home to some of the biggest lake sturgeon in our region. As sturgeon jump straight out of the water quite often, one can find a sturgeon hot spot just by motoring around the river and following big splashes, which give away their location.

Sturgeon tend to school up in wintering holes towards the end of summer, and itís not uncommon to find many boats anchored up above those holes all the way through the end of October when the season closes for sturgeon.

A good sonar will help locate the schools of biggest sturgeon, which often end up schooling by size. Once located, anchoring upstream and casting big hooks baited with a couple giant earthworms is the go to presentation for catching sturgeons.

By catch species while fishing for sturgeon often include channel catfish, freshwater drum, and big suckers. These species are often targeted on their own, although there are still some dedicated catfish anglers, despite the province wide ban on baitfish putting a serious hamper on catfishing.

Sturgeon fishing around Montreal season runs from mid June until October 31st.

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