Montreal pike fishing

Pike fishing around Montreal can be very productive throughout the year. Though the average sizes have been declining over the years, the numbers of small to medium size pike are still strong.

Small to mid size pike are extremely aggressive around the Montreal area, and can be caught using a variety of techniques. In general, they are targeted by either trolling or casting spoons, spinnerbaits or minnow type jerkbaits.

Using wire or fluorocarbon leaders is crucial, as the rows of razor sharp, double edges teeth along the roof of their mouth’s will cut braided or monofilament lines with the slightest pressure. Gloves or lip gripper tools are recommended for handling thrashing pike to avoid injury.

Ice fishing for pike can be quite productive around Montreal, as they feed all through the winter. Using frozen bait under tip ups is the most popular method to catch pike under ice.

Pike fishing is a great way to initiate new anglers to sport fishing, especially younger children that are often fascinated with toothy critters like pike.

Pike are decent table fare, but removing y bones to make boneless fillets requires a fair bit of practice.

Pike fishing season around Montreal opens early in May after the spawn, and remains open throughout the winter until April 1st.

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