Montreal musky fishing

The famed musky is the top predator in waters surrounding Montreal. Legends of giant musky attacking birds, pets and even humans exist, adding to the musky’s notoriety.

The musky is known as the fish of a thousand casts, and anglers that target muskies on a regular basis are usually referred to as “musky hunters”, more than anglers. Tracking and catching big muskies involves vast amount of time and resources.

Bigger boats are required to troll for hours in often adverse weather, or to run from one hot spot to another which are often many miles apart. Sophisticated electronics such as sonars, gps units and lake maps are used to plan routes and mark musky hot spots. High end rods and reels specialized for musky fishing are required to be able to troll or cast the biggest of lures. Oversized landing nets and other tools such as cutter and pliers all make of the musky hunter’s arsenal.

Musky feed in short spurts, often referred to as “windows”. On a given day, it’s not uncommon to hook a few muskies within an hour, and catch little or nothing else for most of the day. These windows often related to moon phases, as well as weather patterns. The key to successful musky fishing, sf to be on your hotspots at the right time, with the right presentation.

In zone 8, there is a strict slot size allowing for only the biggest, trophy sized muskies to be harvested, usually for wall mounts. In recent years, most dedicated musky hunters release all muskies, in order to sustain the musky fishery around Montreal, optin for photos or fiberglass replicas instead of real mounts.

Musky fishing season around Montreal opens in mid June, and closes on April 1st.

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