Montreal carp fishing

Carp fishing around Montreal has been experiencing rapid growth over the past few years. No longer limited to a few European ex pats and some locals using canned corn, one can routinely find carpers using full euro style gear.

Carp around caught Montreal typically average between 15 and 30 lbs, with some pushing the 40 lbs mark. As carp are best fished from shore, carpers will usually end up running into each other at local hot spots for carp around Montreal.

Telltale carp rods sitting in rod pods (specialized rod holder) with bite alarms, while the capers sit and wait for runs in the bivvies (pop up tent like shelters), in which they fish 24 to 48 hour sessions, are quickly becoming a popular sight along the banks on Montrealís waterways.

Popular carp baits are prepared corn (soaked, canned, flavored) , boilies (boiled and dried doughballs), and other partlicle baits such as tiger nuts, peanuts, chick peas, and a variety of other particles used both as bait and chum (attractant).

While pre-baiting for carp is not necessary, in most cases, it can be of great assitstance in drawing and keeping carp at a given fishing spot.

For the most part, carp anglers take great care in releasing carp unharmed. Mesh landing nets, landing mats and weigh slings are all part of a carperís proper carp care gear.

For those that do harvest some carp, smaller carp under 15 lbs are typically what they keep, as the smaller carp are less polluted and donít taste as strong or fatty as the big ones.

As carp are not considered game fish in Quebec, fishing for carp is permitted year round, although peak season runs from mid May to Mid October.

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