Montreal bass fishing

Bass fishing around Montreal has been gaining popularity over the past few decades. In contrast to declining number of predatory species such as walleye and pike, smallmouth and largemouth bass are flourishing, in both sizes and numbers of bass caught.

Bass are by far the most targeted freshwater species in the USA. One can safely assume that bass fishing there makes up the majority of the entire sport fishing industry and it’s revenues. From high end bass boats that cost more than your average car or truck, to ultra high tech electronics, such as side imaging and Panoptics, to finesse rod a reel combos than can exceed $1000, there have never been better tools for the bass modern angler to fish with. In addition, big money bass fishing tournaments have led the way in the industry’s growth, and have increased general anglers “fishing IQ” exponentially.

Largely due to Montreal’s proximity to the USA, as well as sharing border waters with huge bass populations, many anglers in Montreal have caught on to the modern bass fishing craze. Catch and release is the accepted norm, though some may still keep occasional bass for the table, and with a the recent province wide ban on live minnows in effect, bass are now mainly targeted by a huge variety using artificial lures.

From casting topwater lures to deep diving crankbaits, to dropshotting plastics or rubber baits, dragging or popping tube jigs or senkos, to trolling and vertical jigging, one can safely say that there are no shortage of fishing techniques that will help anglers catch more bass no matter the season or conditions.

Bass fishing season around Montreal opens around Mid June after the spawn, and remains open throughout the winter until April 1st.

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