Montreal fishing

Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec. Montreal is an island, surrounded by the St Lawrence River (Lac St Louis) to the South, Riviere des Prairies to the North, and the Ottawa River (Lac des Deux Montagnes) to the West. These waterways ways are filled with the largest diversity of fish species in the province of Quebec. Montreal fishing regulations are governed by the province of Quebec, Montreal is located in Zone 8 as far as fishing is concerned.

Species to fish around Montreal

Majestic muskies, trophy walleyes, voracious Northern pike, and lunker bass are the main predatory sport fish species most often targeted by anglers fishing in Montreal.

Montreal game fish

The waters also have massive sturgeons, big channel catfish and a huge population of monster sized carp. These fish species are increasingly being targeted fishermen still fishing from Montreal's shorelines, as opposed to the predatory species which are mainly targeted by anglers fishing from boats.

Montreal big fish

During the annual shad run every spring, thousands of Montreal anglers fish the North shore for spawning shad, that come into our waters by the millions.

Montreal shad fishing

Abundant quantities of yellow perch, sunfish, bullheads and rock bass make panfishing in Montreal waterways a great place to initiate children into sport fishing. Panfish are easy to catch anywhere around Montreal, and will typically hit just about any bait that they can fit in their mouths.

Montreal fishing panfish

Finally, while the Montreal area waterways don't contain much trout, many regions just outside Montreal do. From larger Lake trout, to tasty rainbow, speckeld and brown trout.

Increasing numbers of fishing tournaments are being held in Montreal, from smaller local tournaments and fishing derby's, to the biggest one of all, the B1 bass tournament sponsored by Berkley.

Hiring an experienced Montreal fishing guide to show you the ropes is a great way to get started, as well as a worthwhile investment.The fishing guides will put you on to some great fishing around Montreal, and show you where and how it's done.

"Freshwater Phil", one of Montreal's avid anglers, has put together a nifty website and blog, where he often review his outings and results. He's recently put out an e-guide detailing Montreal popular fishing spots, it actually includes Google maps, access info, bait and tackle shops, and his expert tips on fishing each spot. Phil's e-guide is designed for those that don't own or have access to boats, all the spots are accessible from the shore.

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